Top 10 (reprises de) chansons de la Terre du Milieu

Top 10 (reprises de) chansons de la Terre du Milieu.

10. Tom Bombadil’s Song, Hey Dol! Merry Dol! (Tolkien Ensemble),
9. Hobbit Drinking Medley (Peter Hollens feat. Hank Green),
8. Treebeard’s Song (Tolkien Ensemble feat. Christopher Lee),
7. Edge of Night (Karliene),
6. I See Fire (Karliene and Juggernoud1),
5. Misty Mountains (Peter Hollens feat. Tim Foust),
4. The Last Goodbye (Karliene and Juggernoud1),
3. Lament for Boromir (Karliene),
2. Into the West (Peter Hollens feat. Taylor Davis),
1. Into the West (Karliene).

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